Saturday, January 21, 2012

Promethease 0.1.126 UI2

Promethease version 0.1.126 is downloadable. The most recent improvements have been to UI2, which is only available in the $2 paid runs. The improvements make it easier to sort, filter and explore your genome. You can try them out by clicking on this Lilly Mendel UI2 report or just watch them in the video below.

Notable features

  • Sort by Magnitude, Frequency or # of References

  • Green/red highlighting of good/bad news

  • Turn on/off good, bad, not set, SNPs or genosets

  • Filter out genos based on the Magnitude, # of References or both using AND/OR logic

  • Type a question mark ? to bring up a help menu

  • Ball & Spring graph is now in its own window, and can be zoomed with the mouse wheel

  • A chooser for Medicines, Medical conditions and Topics, with progressive text search

  • Each geno has a footer showing what categogies it belongs to, and allowing to to select all genos belonging to that category

  • At the bottom of the page press '2x more' or just type the number of records you want

  • Editor mode to link directly to the edit pages

That last feature is intended to encourage more edits to SNPedia. We welcome your edits big or small.

The reports may be too large to view on iPads, and there are still some problems with the graph under IE, but more improvements will certainly follow. Your bug reports and feature requests to can help it to grow in the right direction.

Give it a try! Lilly Mendel UI2