Monday, September 14, 2009

SNPedia poikkeaa Suomeen

It is the day after the very enjoyable Human Genetic Variation conference in Tallinn, Estonia. Preparing for my talk motivated a new 'tag cloud' section in the Promethease reports as well as the new overview at When reading it, bear in mind that the word "baldness" doesn't mean that Promethease is necessarily predicting baldness, merely that the report will be talking about baldness -- perhaps with decreased risk. This section is only supported in the paid Promethease reports. Unfortunately that feature, and all of Promethease are not (currently) supported on the recently released Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Such is the price of being an early adopter and Apple's fondness for 'shock and awe' marketing.

Tomorrow I'm off to Finnland to continue exploring my new European home and a presentation at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology.