Thursday, April 16, 2009

안녕, 서울, 한국에서

Greetings from Seoul, Korea home of User:Hongiiv and the KNIH/KCDC. In a previous blog post I asked about Singapore, but plans have changed for the better and now I am testing the rs671 status of my excellent hosts, Chang Bum Hong and Dong-Joon Kim.

I think Hongiiv says it best:
꼭 5시가 아니더라도 그 후에 넉넉한 시간에 오시면 되겠습니다.
But for those of you who do not read hangul, I think google's translation is nearly as eloquent:
After that it was not five cigars will come in early.

For the full story see either the Korean invite or English translation to join us for the Open Bioinformatics Korea meetup April 17 17:00.