Sunday, July 17, 2011

0.1.116 - It's a Family Affair

Russell: I just ran the newly released Promethease 0.1.116, it's getting better and better. It has me nailed pretty well.

me: I notice your report isn't clear on your ancestry and we now do a better job of that for some reports so in time I'd like to see what I can do to polish up that side of your data. SNPedia has you and your mother publicly, but since you have so many family members privately, take a look at these images from another family which shows where the chromosomes agree between family members. promethease_corpas_family_comparison_newfamily.html

me: Looking at you and your mother genome_Russell_Letkeman_20081023161035_newfamily.html I notice a region of similarity on chromosome 2 with a run of
similarity, and a little red spot on chromosome 11 where you and your mother are quite distinct.