Monday, June 22, 2009

Promethease 0.1.68 video tutorial

Curious about Promethease? Now you can watch a full run.


John Adam said...

I see on Talk page of SNPedia that one of the four formats accepted in Promethease is Affymetrix GCOS. Can u tell in detail how the input file should be? Is there are page that explains this. What should be included in the input file or can the whole output from GCOS be used as an input here? Appreciate ur reply.

Martin said...

I've tried running promethease on linux, using WINE, and it appears to be running just fine. One thing which didn't work, however, was the button to pay $2. I wanted to pay in order to support your efforts, but it stalled with a message indicating it was attempting to open a browser. I'm running it right now (about 100 mins into it) and will report back the results of promethease on linux.